The DG450 6-speed sequential gearbox is a complete new designed gearbox based on the DG400 gearbox that has been successful in different race events like: 24hr Nürburgring, 24 hr Zolder, Belcar, 24 hr Dubai, Dutch SuperCars, VEGE Series, Hill climb’s, rally’s, Dakar and rally-cross.

The DG450 has updated shaft diameters, re-shaped dogrings, updated gearshift mechanism and an integrated oil pump with oilspraybar. The oil circulating can be chosen either internal or external or a combination of both by a simple stop exchange. The most valuable update on the new DG450 is the drop gear in front of the gearbox which can be inverted to use on different circuits. The dropgear expires the price-direct gear giving the customer the option to choose out of 6 free to choose ratio's.

The weight of only 37KG, torque capacity up to 450 Nm and the wide range of on stock ratio's makes this DG450 suitable in all high powered rearwheel driven cars in several disciplines of motorsport.