Differentials designed and manufactured by Drenth Gearboxes provide a perfect end product. As witness to this, amongst other important details, are that the case is hardened and grind accurately to ensure roundness and concentricity so as to avoid unnecessary loss of power. Also the friction disks are sintered in order to create extra hardness, and to provide enhanced quality.

Drenth Gearboxes can provide various ramp angles in order to optimize the spur effect sought in order to gain the best traction and vehicle handling. Drenth Gearboxes differentiates itself from others due to the light weight nature of such products.

Makes and types


Aston Martin N24 upgrade

Honda Civic Type R

Peugeot BE3/BE4

Porsche 915

Porsche 915 + Oil Pump

Subaru STi

Volkswagen 02A

Volkswagen 020

Volkswagen Busbak

Volvo 850

Volvo S60