Strain gauge gearlever

Next to the normal gearlever, Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes offers a new gear lever with integrated electronics. This gearlever is fully manufactured out of aluminum and has an output signal for shifting up fully loaded and shifting down by double clutching. The advantage of shifting down with the double clutch system means that using the clutch isn't needed anymore. This is only possible if the car has an ECU which is suitable for this and makes use of the drive-by-wire system. The gearlever can be supplied in a long and a short version and is fully calibrated delivered, therefore it is ready to use. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the drivers needs.

Depending on the ECU you can use a digital or analogue signal to program functions. When your ECU is not familiar with these signals you can use our Display Unit to generate an programmable up- and downshift signal. For more information about the Display Unit please find the link in the accessories menu.

The gearlever can be fitted via a tunnelmount or a gearboxmount. The gearlever is also universally applicable on every sequential gearbox of Drenth Gearboxes but also on those of other manufacturers. You can find more information about this electronic gearlever in the manual which you can dowload via the link below


Drenth gearlever with straingage
Download the manual here