Display unit USB (DMS Gearlever)

The Drenth Display Unit USB is a gear indicator with integrated flat shift software. Very short shift times and setting up the ideal shift moment is made possible by this software. The display has a clear indication of the gears and a shift light indicator which is programmable in type of indication and moment of occurrence. There is also a function which enables the reverse lights.

Different as the Drenth Serial Display Unit the USB Display has two options to activate the engine cut. Beside the normal switch the USB Display is capable of working with the analog up and down shift signal of the Drenth strain gauge gearlever. During upshift the engine will be interrupted which makes changing gears possible. During downshift the throttle blip can be activated. The cut and blip times are free programmable in each gear.

The Drenth Display Unit USB is available for every sequential gearbox. For more detailled information please download the manual and software with the links below. 

Display unit
Download the Display Unit manual here.
Download the Display Unit software
V2 32bit (NON USB)
V2 64bit (NON USB)
V4 64bit (USB)