The challenge for Drenth Gearboxes is to supply products which prove themselves irrespective of the harsh, and sometimes extreme,  circumstances and conditions they are called upon to perform under.  To be able to meet such a challenge, our company invests in people and machine tools. The pride of our qualified, experienced and motivated team of employees is to be able to put their craftsmanship to work in delivering state-of-the-art precision in each component they deliver to our customers. Their looks, our machine shop, is equipped with the means to manufacture and deliver products to the tightest of tolerances. 

Measurable and Inspectable

Care, knowledge and experience during design and manufacturing are essential to producing a perfect final product. Just as important is a proper inspection process.  To aid such a process Drenth Gearboxes employs a system of protocols to record the physical compliance of each component at each step in its production process.

Incoming inspection

Ultimate quality must be "built-in" from the beginning. That's why Drenth Gearboxes utilizes certified materials in each of the products that it manufactures. Materials that comply with specified requirements determine to a large degree the ultimate quality of the final product.


As a result of the system of quality protocols used during the production and assembly processes, plus the registration of such  data in our new ERP system, Drenth Gearboxes is able to ensure that each component and completed product is fully (100%) traceable. An inherent assurity for us, and also for you.